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I have been a fitness enthusiast for a very long time and sharing my knowledge with others is my passion. I began my fitness career in 2005, at the Hearin- Chandler YMCA in Mobile, Alabama. I started teaching basic group fitness classes and soon branched out into teaching several different fitness formats such as spinning, Pilates, boot camp, etc. I then earned my AFFA personal training certification and began training clients. I found a drive inside me that was insatiable for helping people who wanted to transform their lives.

In 2008, I was introduced to Zumba Fitness when I attended a licensing workshop. My life transformed after that because I had found a passion for dance fitness that revolutionized the way I thought about group fitness. The classes were unique because they fused dance and fitness together. That made people have more fun with their workouts. It's well known that when people enjoy the form of exercise they are doing that they will be more consistent with it. The result and success of my students proved that this workout was credible and amazing. I began pouring my time into choreographing dances, finding good music, and expanding the Zumba name because it was brand new to the area. Eventually classes grew considerably and that allowed me to branch out on my own.

In 2009, I left the YMCA to pursue Zumba at Dreamland Skate. The venue was perfect for the large crowds that the class attracted. Fitness is an ever evolving market, so I added hip-hop classes. They were wildly successful and eventually took over my schedule. I am no longer teaching Zumba, but I gained so much from the experience. Zumba helped me to be an even better hip hop instructor.

My most recent fitness addition is a POUND Fit class that incorporates drumming in a toning, pilates and cardio, full body workout. It's such a different fitness format than any others I have taught. It's fairly new to the area and I'm proud to be the first instructor to introduce it in Mobile.

The thing I like most about operating in a non-gym setting is that it allows people who would normally not set foot in a health club a chance to get in shape and feel less intimidation. I'm eager to make everyone feel welcome because I know how it feels to walk into something new for the first time and not know what to expect. I have learned through years of experience to allow people to follow their own path to a better fitness regimen and to be flexible with my style of leadership. Every participant is unique and it's challenging to meet the needs of a large group fitness crew, but I use my experience to guide my leadership style.

I attribute part of my success to the early days at the YMCA when I would be thrown in last minute to sub a class that I knew nothing about. I learned to wing it, and safely put my own spin on it to keep the crowd happy. I was young and eager to prove that I could conquer any obstacle in the group fitness realm.

Since 2005 my mission has not changed, even though my career has evolved and come a long way. I am a coach, a supporter, an encourager, and an individual who wants to see success in any shape or form in my participants fitness journeys. Even though I am teaching my own, I still enjoy trying other instructors classes, hitting the gym to lift weights, and finding new ways to stay on top of the fitness game.

Feel free to contact me, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Fitness with Olivia.  Mobile,  Alabama

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